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Meetings of Bulgarian IEEE Student Branches

First Student Branches Meeting - 18.11.1998

On 18th.11.1998 the first meeting of the IEEE Students Branches in Bulgaria took place. Initiator was the established on 09.09.1998 Students Branch in "Artillery, Air Defense and Communication and Information Systems" faculty, Shumen. On the meeting were the Bulgarian section of IEEE and its chief-reader Jordan Kolev, who took part personally. There were also the administrations of five Students Branches from the technical universities in Sofia, Varna, V. Tarnovo, Military university "V. Levski", students and teachers from the Technical University in Gabrovo, and "Avionic" Faculty, Dolna Mitropolia, who wanted to establish their own students branch. All the participants were nineteen.

The meeting was opened by the counselor of Students Branch Shumen - reader D. Mitrev, after that all participants introduced themselves and talked about their work, about achievements and difficulties that they meet with in their work. Reader Kolev presented to participants the big potentialities which IEEE holds out to the students and teachers either for scientific declarations or professional contacts with colleagues from the whole world.

The participants were informed about the meeting between the representatives of Students Branches in eighth Region which took place on 13-15.08.1998 in Istambul, by the representative of Students Branch in Sofia - Nedko Nedev. There was exchange of experience.

A time was spared for seeing the base for education of students and cadets in Communications and Computer Technologies.

At the end of the meeting the opinion of all participants was that it would have significant positive role for the further development. It was the first but in no case the last meeting. It was decided the next one to be in the beginning of May 1999.

Second Student Branches Meeting - 16.12.1999

Indeed such a meeting was held but with some delay of seven months. Despite this delay it could be said that the meeting was the most successful till that moment. On the meeting very good ideas and projcets were shared and the invitation, send by the Technical University in Eindhoven, Netherlands, to the Congress of the IEEE Chairmen from Region 8 was discussed.

Social meeting about the IEEE role - 06.10.2020

Cadets and students of IEEE SB of the National Military Academy “Vasil Levski”, Faculty of Artillery, Air-Defense and CIS have celebrated the John Atanasoff birth’s day (04.10) and the World IEEE day (06.10) with a social meeting, devoted to the IEEE role for improvement of all people life around the world.



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