Research Work

Research of the faculty in the field of Security and Defense Policy "is implemented on the basis and in accordance with the regulations - the Higher Education Act, Act to promote research, the Law on Scientific Degrees and Academic Ranks, Regulations under the Law of Academic Degrees and Titles and the Rules of Research and Development in the Ministry of Defense and the Bulgarian Army.

Research in the professional field is planned and implemented within the main program Research and development (Agenda 10) of the programming structure of the Defense and Army through its own budgeting of Vasil Levski National Military University.

  • Over the past three years the following projects have been developed:

  • Work-room of the John Atanasov Virtual Department of Computing;

  • Computer laboratory for optical communications and design of database;

  • Laboratory of Computer Networks "eligible program" Cisco Networking Academy;

  • Specialized laboratory for radio communication devices and measuring electrical quantities;

  • Modernization of combined observational instrument in the set of simulator training for artillery forward observers;

  • Expanding opportunities for changing the parameters of the tactical artillery simulator PAN-1;

  • Aerial target NI-01.

At Hemus 2000 International exhibition of military equipment and weapons in Plovdiv the school took part with its own stand with scientific developments. Some of the most important of them are: Iskra system for automated fire control, Perla specialized artillery computer,(Control and Verification Apparatus), multipurpose aerial target.

At Hemus 2002 the school took part with a simulator system for ARC Fagot antitank rocket complex, a simulator system for the portable Igla PAMC anti-aircraft missile complex, Grad BM-21 gunnery simulator and a 30-mm armor-piercing tracer shot with a segmented body.

At Hemus 2004 were presented an automated system recovery image and identifying flying objects in reverse radar aperture synthesis simulator front artillery observers and unmanned aircraft, target 02 and NAV-NAV-2003.

At Hemus 2006 and Hemus 2008 new exhibits were shown - Automated processing of radiolocation information and computer security systems, video surveillance developed by teams from the faculty.







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