Artillery, AD and CIS faculty is a major branch of Vasil Levski NMU. Аccredited by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation it provides education to cadets, students, post-graduate students and specialists. Different courses are carried out, such as re-training and in-service training, as well as foreign language courses for officers of the Bulgarian army and armies of countries - members of the Partnership for Peace initiative. The faculty also carries out other activities such as different research work and scientific development activities in the field of military and technical sciences.

The faculty follows the old tradition of the military education system, and its mission is to actively work towards the development of the military education in the Republic of Bulgaria. The faculty trains officers for the needs of the Bulgarian Army. They are known to possess excellent professional training, moral, physical and psychological stability and are leaders not only in the army, but also in society. They are capable of achieving excellent results in all army life aspects and are respected partners to the officers of NATO countries.










Last updated 10.07.2020
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