Founded in 1948, the library functions as a center for science-informational resources and helps the study process as well as the academic development.

The library has 220 560 volumes of documentary sources such as books, monographs, reference books and encyclopedias, manuals and assistant literature, annuals, bounded and current issues, CD, DVD, audio and video tapes, classified in funds and represented in corresponding catalogs and card-indexes.148 351 of them are classified military volumes.

The library serves: cadets, students, teaching staff, Ph.D. students, faculty staff, post-graduate students and outsiders. They can either read in the reading room or borrow books.

According to the Ordinance for the preservation of library collections, expensive and valuable library materials, rare publications, reference books and deposit copies are not given for home use.

The access to science-informational resources is carried out by:

  • Catalogues alphabetically ordered (Bulgarian, Russian and Latin) and subject catalogue;
  • Card-index systematic (departments, papers and books written by the faculty lecturers, military articles),
  • card-index of periodicals;


The library is located on two floors with a total area of 1200 m2. The library consists of:

  • Educational section which includes a borrowing section,
  • storehouse for education books copies,
  • storehouse for deposit literature, CD, audio and video materials.

There are 3 automated workstations available.

Lending section of specialized literature and fiction: arranged for free access even in the storehouses, appropriate for other sections. There are 3 automated workstations available.

Reading-room there are 30 seats for readers: it gives access to current and bound periodicals, reference books, encyclopedias, deposit copies and valuable publications.



The library has a rich collection of specialized military-tech and war history literature, also military periodical publications with an archival value.

The library is well-supplied with professional military publications, national security, communication and computer engineering, in the following spheres: military sciences, military technology, administrative and information security, computer systems and technology, radiolocation, radio-engineering, social sciences and foreign languages.

















Last updated 10.07.2020
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