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MTA Bucuresty - opening ceremony 2016

IMAF-2016 was held under the patronage of The Secretary General of Polish Republic MOD, Polish Republic Ministry of Sience and Hihger Education, and The President of Silezia Province, from June 20th to 24th, in Vrotzlav, Poland. The Forum hostage was The Land Forces Military. There were Military profiled Educational Institutions from 22 countries, which took part in that forum. From Bulgaria’s behalf there were Vassil Levski’s National Military University Brigadier General Plamen Bogdanov, Docent Doctor Krassimir Kalev – Deputy Dean of Artillery Faculty, PVO and KIS – Shumen, and two more NMU faculties instructors.
Faculty instructors took part in the “Greener and safer energetic and ballistic systems “ international Forum – 26-27.05.2016 , organized by Romanian Military Technical Academy in the country’s capital city Bucharest.Professors from British University of Edinburgh, German Ludwig-Maximilian University, France S.A.R.L. SimulExplo , Portugal University of Coimbra, London Imperial College, British Institute of Shock Physics, and Romanian University Politehnica of Bucharest, participated in that Forum. From Bulgarian behalf, there took part also Col. Krassimir Kalev, Major Tzoniu Tzonev, Major Kalojan Iliev, Major Stamen Stamenov and Captain Iosif Iosifov.




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