Educational facilities

Artillery, AD & CIS Faculty has at its disposal all the necessary training appliances and information base to ensure quality educational and research conditions, appropriate for the specific requirements of the educational plans and specialization programs.

The main grounds of the faculty are in the center of the town spread on an area of 134 decares. A study hall and a laboratory area are located in 3 educational corpuses with an area of 1613 m2 which ensures enough room for all students.

The training appliances base includes:

  • laboratory
  • training
  • firing ground

For field studies the faculty uses Markovo artillery field - the fourth biggest in Bulgaria, located 28 km southeast of Shumen on an area of 8 409 decares and a depth of 16 km. The artillery field is designed for field study, drills with war equipment, gunfire with artillery and anti-aircraft guns. The artillery field is equipped with buildings and facilities for 220 people. After the military reforms of 1.06.2008 the buildings are used by military formation 34200 - Mobilization base of the Army.

The ground field is used for the training of cadets, related to tactical subdivisions, battle shoot with different equipment, also different tactical training depending on their qualifications. Firing practice with infantry rifles is carried out on Divdyadovo field ground whose area is 1182 decares. The ground field is managed by military formation 54060 - Mechanized battalion of Fifth mechanized brigade. The site allows shooting with light and medium weapons. It provides a safe shooting with both arms and tank weapons and artillery and aircraft weapons under certain restrictions.

The available database of the faculty provides all the necessary information for the academic and scholar staff to ensure professional education depending on their specialty. Study process, science and research activity, intellectual and professional development of the cadets and lecturers in the Artillery, AD & CIS faculty are provided by a dynamic functioning open information system whose structural components are:

  • University library located in Veliko Tarnovo
  • Faculty library which has educational and science literature, periodicals, archival and fiction in the amount of 192 000 volumes;
  • Stilian Chilingirov Regional library in Shumen situated in the immediate vicinity of the faculty;
  • Library exchange;
  • Library section for classified information.





Last updated 10.07.2020
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