Education of cadets

Organization and management of the tactical units of the Army

The Organization and management of tactical units of the Army specialty gives chance to future officers with expressed leadership abilities, moral and volitional qualities that can command the subdivisions of the Bulgarian Army. They will achieve enough knowledge of military science, information technologies, engineering and humanities, to help them improve in the field of management of big divisions and sections. The graduates in this specialty will be able to organize and manage the activities of their subordinates in peaceful and war times, as well as collaboration in controlling crises and similar operations, different from war. They will know the basics of different kinds of weapons and will be able to control different kinds of technical, transporting and military vehicles. The training covers specific theoretical and practical knowledge and experience for psychological method on control of social groups such as military units.

The graduates of this specialty hold command positions in the Bulgarian army and are successful field commanders.

Organization and management of communication and information systems in tactical units

The students of the Organization and management of communication and information systems in tactical units specialty are trained to be officers specialists in the field of communications and information technologies, who will be able to command divisions of signaling troops as well as manage their activities together with the complex of their technical, communication and information systems. The Officers of this specialty will have deep knowledge in military deeds and modern theory for building and organizing communication and information systems in land forces in different kinds of conflicts, environment and battle operations. They will be able to independently solve problem situations, to apply theoretical knowledge to practical implementation and application tasks in the implementation of multi-joints, and to use advanced information technologies in the management of divisions. They will personally use and support all kinds of ground and mobile communication and information resources and nets.
Graduates hold command positions in the signaling units of the Bulgarian Army, and expert management positions in sectors and centers of communication and information security. They acquire and develop commander abilities for managing divisions and attachment parts.

They also become researchers and organizers in scientific, educational and other institutions of the Army.

Organization and management of tactical units of logistics

The students of this specialty are trained to be officers specialists in the filed of military supplies, theory of management, planning, delivery, storing and reporting of material and finance resources. They will have deep knowledge in the management of military units and other organizations, as well as management of investments, prices, price-formation, of financial accounting analyses, etc. They will be able to organize logistics of units of Bulgarian army, to apply the principles and methods of exploitation and repairing of machines and weapons. They will have thorough knowledge of the basic structure of all kinds of automobiles, armored-tank equipment and weapons. They will be able to conduct expert analyses, to compare and rate different kinds of automobiles, armored carriers, tanks and all kinds of weapons. They will be able to drive and repair automobiles, tanks and weapons.
Graduates hold command positions in the units of logistics, as well as assistant-chiefs and heads of staff, workshops and other sectors of purveyance for the Bulgarian army. They acquire deputy commander positions in the field of logistics to ensure larger army units, and in the field of science, expertise and education spheres in the army.

Military specializations

Field artillery

Air defense

Artillery and anti aircraft-missile weapons, optics and arms

Organization and management of communicational and informational systems (CIS)

Anti-aircraft missile forces

Radio-technical forces

Field Artillery specialization

Graduates of this specialization acquire a Bachelor educational-qualification degree (EQD) in the field of higher education Security and Defense and a professional specialization Military deeds. Along with their military training students undergo an extensive course in the necessary subjects to obtain the degree of Bachelor in Civil degree in Computing.

Training is focused on priority areas related to the use of modern information and communication systems and technologies for reliable command and control units and means of fire support. Modern methods developed in European and Euro-Atlantic structures, tailored to our specific conditions are applied in theoretical and practical lessons. The requirements of different standardization agreements and contract agreements within NATO are attained. Modern military characteristics and exploitation of artillery and intelligence systems and methods of their usage are followed.

Range and strike power of modern artillery, combined with effective ways for determining aim location, automated systems division management as well as managing arms support, giving chance to make it a most powerful means in the ground forces of the Bulgarian army. Field artillery represents a complex system which includes the following subsystems:

  • subsystem for aim location and observing;
  • subsystem for command and management of field artillery;
  • subsystem of fire arms (cannons, howitzers, missiles with a fire start, rocket-launchers);
  • subsystem for arms storage;
  • supply subsystem.

The students acquire knowledge and skills for: exploitation of specialized automated complexes and systems for management; teamwork, creative environment and leadership, planning, prognostication, operation analysis, taking quick and adequate decisions and monitoring of preparation.

Various approaches are implemented for military tactical use of artillery units in the complex conditions of crises and conflicts of varying intensity in combat operations and operations other than war.

The graduates of this specialty have the opportunity of holding the position of commander of a Reconnaissance Platoon, commander of a firing squad, officer, fire control for the artillery subdivisions of the Bulgarian Army.

Computer systems and technologies civil specialty provides opportunities for senior management and expert positions in the IT sector of troops and research units in the Bulgarian army.

The specialization gives the chance of continuing the higher education at universities in NATO-member countries with which Vasil Levski Military University has contacts.

Air defense specialization

Students learn the structure and use of modern battlefield anti-aircraft complexes, methods and techniques to protect troops from air attacks. The aim of the training is to prepare future officers with basic competence in the field of security and technical sciences, knowledge and skills to design, operate and maintain communication equipment, high culture and language capabilities for rapid adaptation to the latest developments in the field of military and communication technologies.

The course focuses on computer technology, radio, radar, optical communications, analog and digital communication systems. Graduates of higher education combine engineering training in the most dynamic area of communications and computer systems and their application in military affairs. The engineer training is performed on modern and computerized training base.

The military training is conducted on specialized simulation facilities and air defense units of Land Forces. Students learn more advanced management technologies that help them acquire quality knowledge and skills for teamwork
Graduates receive a degree in civil degree of Bachelor of Communication Engineering.

Successful graduates hold positions as commanders of military equipment and launchers and implement activities for the protection of the combat units of the Bulgarian army from enemy air attacks. Graduates of training can occupy different positions in the Euro-Atlantic structures.

Artillery and anti-aircraft weapons, optics and ammunition specialization

This specialization prepares students to be officers with high knowledge of the structure and operation of weapons, optics and ammunition.

The study focuses on the purpose, structure, operation, inspection procedures for handling, storage and transport, maintenance of records and accountability of small arms, optics, artillery systems, vehicles and antitank munitions, zenith and missile systems located in the Bulgarian Army. Students learn the design elements of weapons, methods of monitoring and diagnostics, and reparation of missile weapons, ammunition and optoelectronic devices.

Students acquire knowledge and practical skills in organization and management of logistics units; preparation for military use of small arms, optical and optoelectronic devices; gun materiel, missiles and munitions, for maintenance, reparation, planning, procurement and accounts of weapons and ammunition.

Organization and management of communication and information systems

Cadets are trained at the bachelor's degree in the military specialty Organization and management of communication and information systems (CIS) in the tactical units of the Bulgarian Army with an accompanying civil specialty Communications and Communications Technologies. The training provides technical competence in the field of advanced communications and information systems for military and civil use.

Upon completion of the full course graduates receive the first officer rank of Lieutenant in the Bulgarian army and a bachelor diploma degree accredited by civil and military specialty with a European Diploma Supplement, qualified engineer in communications.

Graduates work as commanders of units of the Bulgarian Armed Forces Communications and Information Support or employees in public and private institutions in positions requiring a degree in Communications and Communications Technologies.

After completing the course the students are given the opportunity of training in Master-degree programs of Bulgarian and foreign universities and training in military academies in Bulgaria and abroad.

Anti-aircraft forces specialization

Anti-aircraft troops protect major administrative and industrial centers throughout the country, so all units are located around major administrative centers of the country- Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. With their capacity for destruction of air targets and technical condition they are ranked first among active means of defense.

Students in the specialization study the structure and operation of modern anti-aircraft rocket complexes capable of affecting highly maneuverable air targets, cruise missiles and other unmanned aircraft vehicles flying at small and marginally low altitudes.

Cadets of this specialization acquire knowledge in the field of radio-electronics, electrical engineering, automation and communication equipment. Their professional realization is related to the provision of technical support and battlefield use of anti-aircraft and missile complexes having the opportunity to fight against modern means of air attack.

Apart from their professional career in the military, students receive the civil degree of Bachelor of Communication Engineering. This gives them the opportunity to work as specialists in high-tech companies in the communications field.

Radiotechnical forces specialization

Radio troops in the structure of the Bulgarian Air Force are the first major component of air defense systems. That is why they are called the electronic vision and hearing of the Bulgarian Army. Military radar stations work all the time to ensure the control of the air-space. Students study the structure and battlefield use of advanced tools for radar surveillance of the airspace. Graduates have high engineering training in communications systems and computer technologies and their application in military affairs.

Graduates of training can occupy positions in the processing of radiolocation information in various Euro-Atlantic structures. Along with professional career in the military, graduates receive a degree in civil degree of Bachelor of Communication Engineering. With the education and training they are able to occupy executive and managerial positions in the structures of air traffic control in civil aviation.

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